Laundry and Ironing Tips

WHITE GARMENTS: They can be bleached and washed up to 60°C. Ironing white garments should ideally be completed with starch, which keeps the garment wrinkle-free for longer.

CHECKERED GARMENTS: They can be bleached with Gentle Ace or diluted bleach for no more than 30 minutes and washed up to 60°C. For stains like sauce and grease, use degreasers and stain removers without bleach.

DARK GARMENTS (BLACK, BLUE, DENIM BLUE): Exclusively use liquid detergents for dark garments; never use powdered detergents containing bleaching agents that leave a white film and fade the garment. Use a specific iron for ironing.

BUTTONS, SNAP FASTENERS, VELCRO, AND ZIPPERS are made of plastic material to avoid breakage during spin cycles, but caution is advised during ironing as they might melt.