Care instructions

Care instructions

White garments: Can be bleached and washed up to 60 °. The ironing of the white is good to complete it with dressing, which keeps the garment ironed for longer.

Checkered garments: Can be bleached or you can use diluted bleach for no more than 30 minutes and washed up to 60 °. For stains of sauce and grease use degreaser and stain removers without bleach.

Dark Garments (black, Blue, Bluette): Use only liquid detergents for dark garments, never use powder detergents which contain whiteners that leave a white layer and discolour it. For ironing use a special press.

Buttons, press stud, velcro and zip-fasteners: are made of plastic to avoid breaking into the centrifuge, but be careful in ironing, you could melt.

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